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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Choosing a capability

As part of your Research Project you are required to complete the Research Project Capability task.

Developing the Capabilities Statement for your Research Project.

• Now that you have a draft proposal for your Research Project you can complete the Capability Statement for your research Project. Go on to the capability task below when you have completed the draft proposal. Hand it up the draft proposal to the teacher at the end of lesson 3.

• You are required to identify one of the SACE Capabilities best related to your Research Project (click here to see the summary of SACE Capabilities).
As the SACE document says:

“In the Research Project students choose a research topic that is based on an area of interest,and a capability (communication, citizenship, personal development, or work) that is relevant to their research. The capability for learning is integral to the Research Project for all students.”

• In this lesson I ask you to visit the SACE website at and navigate to the Research Project page at

Read the information on the Capabilities and decide which one is best suited to your project.

• When you have read about the capabilities go back to the SACE website at and view the examples (exemplars) on Bone Marrow, Football Boots and Motorbike provided by the SACE Board. In particular, view the capability statement for each exemplar.

• After selecting the capability for your project complete the student worksheet for your capability (this is to go in your folio). Go to to download and use the appropriate student worksheet for the chosen capability. Have this ready for class on Thursday.

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