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Monday, July 16, 2012

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It was really good to meet most of you all today for first time. I think you did great to listen to all the input today - this blog posting gives you the chance to take your time to read the documents related to the course and getting started with the Research Project. I suggest that you regularly check out the Researchit blog to see what has been posted.
Welcome to the Researchit blog for the Research Project class of Malcolm McInerney at Thebarton Senior College. The blog has been created to provide resources, thinking, ideas and support for stduents undertaking the SACE Stage 2 Research Project. As the first entry we need to look at the actual SACE Research Project curriculum.

To start with I suggest you go to the SACE website for the Research project.

You can get download a copy from the SACE Board site.

Further support materials are available on the SACE Board site.

2. Today in class we started to begin thinking about what you may research using the attached document called “Beginning the Thinking for the Research Project”.
This process involved identifying a topic you are interested in (hopefully passionate about)and then fine-tune it down to a valid, rigorous, challenging and achievable focus. This may be in the form of a question or hypothesis you will examine. Whilst a difficult process this stage is critical to get a research topic which you enjoy and get a good grade for (achieve able with rigour).

3. We also discussed the type of assessment which will be conducted during the Research Project.

4. Finally we talked about the design of the Research Project.

Here is some background videos which provide some background on the Research Project:

Fundamentals of the Research Project

Assessment and the Research project

In Thursday's lesson you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your topic that you gave in class today. Please feel free to change your topic if you have had further thought on what your Research topic could be. Use the attached design information to guide your response to the question: What are you planning to research? i.e. Subject topic topic and some possible Research topics.

Good luck at this really important first task for the course.

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