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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Semester 1 and Semester 2 resulters

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Resulting we will go!

At the beginning of this semester we were hoping that all of you will complete the Research Project and "result" with SACE this Semester. That is, we forward a SACE Grade for you to the SACE Board.  We are really pleased that we have a core of the class which has or is close to completing the Folio for submission next Tuesday.  However we have a group of students who have not completed their research and as a result have not got a Folio completed. At this stage of the semester we are recommending that these students "result" next semester and continue into Semester 2 with the Research Project as a subject on their timetable.  This is preferred to resulting with a fail or poor grade this semester (cannot result higher if resulted again). 

The continuing students, resulting in Semester 2 will be timetabled to continue the Research Project next Semester. They will be able to continue on the same topic and hopefully will not take the full semester to complete.  If you have reached a dead-end with your research you can change your topic if you wish. 

Those students resulting next semester should continue to work on the Research Project this semester to get as much done as possible by the end of term.  This will leave them with less work to do next semester to complete the course.

To help this process we are going to split the class into the Semester 1 and Semester 2 resulters. 
  • The Semester 1 resulters will be busy completing their outcome and evaluation.
  • The Semester 2 resulters will be completing their Folio and hopefully be on the way to completing their outcome before the end of term.

    This week please consider which one you are:  a Semester 1 resulter of Semester 2 resulter.

    If you decide to be a Semester 1 resulter and you are behind, then you will have to work very hard over the next 3 weeks to complete the course satisfactorily.

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