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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time for action!

Contact Emma and Malcolm at

The address for the Researchit blog

Our timeline
As mentioned in class today, the timeline is getting very tight!! Here is a guide for our work till the end of the semester. We no longer have the luxury of postponing action.

Term 1: Week 9: Finalise interview questions and construct surveys. Holidays: Conduct interviews and surveys

Term 2: Week 1: Work on the collation of data and commence formal discussions of progress reports.

Week 2: Complete discussions of progress reports and work on the format of written reports.

Week 3: Construct folios - 10 pages of research process (including proposal) - annotated secondary research, primary data and initial analysis of primary data. Formal discussion report to be attached to the 10 pages. Thursday - hand up printed copy of Folio and formal discussion report for internal moderation

Week 4: On Tuesday you must hand-up your Folio to Wendy for internal moderation. Once that is done, work on your Outcome (report and/or product). On Thursday there will be a presentation on the Evaluation component of the Research Project (worth 30% and externally assessed).  Some of you should be starting on the evaluation report as soon as you have finished your outcome.

Week 5-6: Complete outcome (product) and write evaluation report.

***** At the end of Week 6 everything needs to be handed up completed ******

It is probably a good time when you read this Researchittsc posting to go to the SACE website again and read the course outline for the Research Project. Also open every file on the TSC Moodle related to the Research Project and have a read.

They may make more sense now.

Research Project Club

Also think about staying longer on Thursday afternoons for the rest of the semester to take advantage of several of our Research Project teachers staying longer to help students. This Research Project Club will be in the study centre until at least 4 every Thursday in term 2. We are also planning a day in the holidays for Research Project students - maybe on the Thursday during Week 2 of the holidays. More on that later.

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