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Monday, May 28, 2012

Putting the jig-saw together

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End of semester hand-ups

Semester 1 Resulters

As mentioned in a previous posting those students resulting this semester are to hand up all their work by the end of Week 6  . However due to some changes in SACE 'pick-ups', we now have a little more time.  Here are the new deadlines:
  • Folio's by the end of this Week: 1 June.
  • Outcomes by Wednesday 13 June.
  • Evaluations 19 June at the latest. 
***Please note that no editing can go on after these deadline due dates***

Both the Folio and Outcome must be in hard copy (printed) to me for submission to the SACE Board. The final Evaluation must be in electronic form for uploading to the SACE Board on 21 June.

Attention to detail at this late stage is really important to ensure the best grade possible for your research project.

Semester 1 Non Resulters - resulting in Semester 2

For students who do not plan to result this semester, you should still be trying to get the Folio (and a draft outcome if possible) completed and to me by the end of Week 9 of the Semester so that you have a sound launching pad for next Semester.  You will only need to do your Outcome and Evaluation to complete the course.

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