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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Outcome

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The Outcome as a product

The core component of the Research Project course is the Outcome which is worth 30%. 

The Outcome is the product you produce as a result of your research.  The Outcomes in our class are mainly reports on an issue investigated.  I have developed a Report Format which I would like you to use when you hand up the Report Outcome, as I have called it. For many of you this outcome is the end point of a lot of hard work and hopefully interesting research.  You should have come up with answers/conclusions and recommendations in relation to your issue. 

For those who are making something as your outcome, I suggest that it would be useful to provide an abbreviated report to go with your 'thing' that you have produced as your outcome.

The report format includes the following sections:

1. Contents
2. Research Method (primary and /or secondary research conducted)
3. Analysis (of focus question)
4. Conclusion (overall findings, brief evaluation of research and recommendations)
5. Bibliography

*** Attachments***

*** Remember to use footnotes through your report referencing the sources and attachments where necessary.

The attached handout gives more information on how I would like the Report Outcome to be written as sections and the format it should be.

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