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Monday, July 16, 2012

The project can take many forms

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What can it be?

The Research Project can take many forms. Think creatively about what you can create beside an essay/report (these are still fine products but there are other possibilities). Here are some ideas:

• advert
• anthology
• artefact
• article
• artwork
• Blog
• booklet
• chart
• computer program
• design, diagram
• drama script
• essay
• fashion page
• guidelines
• interactive media
• issue report
• key idea/concept
• leaflet
• letter
• model
• movie
• performance
• Photo Story presentation
• oral presentation with slides
• question
• radio segment
• report
• scrapbook
• sketch
• song
• speech
• theory
• webcam clips
• webpage
• wiki contributions
• written report.

In fact, the nature of the product may influence your fine-tuned topic even at this stage. This point is supported by the attached Research project exercise on the relationship between the research topic and the research outcome.

It is necessary to mention if you go for a creative product, it is even more important that you journal accurately and thoroughly the process over time.

This video may help your thinking on thinking differently.

Start planning.

As mentioned in class today, complete the initial planning sheet and be prepared to hand up to me on Tuesday for discussion. I would prefer that you type the document after your written draft in class today. Just download and type your repsponses into the boxes.

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