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Monday, July 23, 2012

Logging it!

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Keep a log - No log, no help!!

As mentioned today, you will be required to present a folio of project progess and process. You should start the log now. I will expect you to bring the log to each lesson and show me as required to help you with the project.

That is, you should have a ringed folder with plastic sheets (containing all the handouts, collected materials, photocopies of printed material) and a A4 notebook with the entries started. Date each entry and if appropriate paste in any documents relevant to the entry. The entries may be cross referenced to the ring folder).

A well put together log makes it easier for me to see the process you have gone through with the project. The Folio assessment sheet gives you an idea of what I will be looking at.

The sort of things you could write in your log are:

* Summary of what is done each lesson/session of work on the project
* Reflective comment on progress
* Questions or problems that come up and possible solutions
* Diagrams showing your thinking
* Annotated articles
* List of references (books, articles, websites, - references using the Harvard Referencing system).
* Records of conversations or observations
* Future plans and time management ideas (timelines)
* Survey drafts
* Interview questions drafts

It is important to do this as we go. You cannot rely on remembering the process and all the refeences/drafts etc at the end when you are putting the product together.

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